The Use of Enjoy The Teargas by Rebel K to Rebel the Turkey´s Government

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The Gezi Park protest began on May 28th to protest the urban development plan for Istanbul's Park of the same name. Outrage sparked as the police brutally evicted the people who were doing a sit in in the park as a form of protest. What had begun as an environmental problem cracked open much deeper issues that brought discontent to many in Turkey; issues such as freedom of the assembly, press, expression and the government's intrusion on Turkey's laicism. In this paper I will be showing how the song by Rebel K. shows the disappointment with the government especially with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) has governed Turkey for the past 11 years. It is a conservative party that has brought…show more content…
The third controversy surround the AKP especially the Prime Minister is his desire to change the constitution in order to give the president more power, so far the president of Turkey holds a ceremonial role as the Queen of England does. R.T.E plans to run for presidency in the 2014 election because the rules of his own party bar him from seeking a fourth term as Prime Minister. Changing the constitution for a presidential system would insure his hold onto power since he is not interested in being a solely ceremonial president. With so many controversies in the background it is with no surprise that the Gezi Park protest arose. The first form of protest that began at the park was a sit-in, comprising of tents with thousands of protesters. By the end of the June protesters were meeting in different parts of Turkey, they became very organized and created spaces to discuss how they would protest, medical centres were put in place to assist those who were being hurt by the ever-increasing aggressive police. The protest brought together many different groups of the political spectrum of Turkey, expressing their grievance from the government, from the push to conservatism, the war in Syria, environmental concerns to the authoritarian style of governing of R.T.E. When the latter was asked about the protesters, he dismissed them as “looters” and claimed that they did not represent the sentiment of the
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