The Use of Ergogenic Compounds to Improve Athletic Performance

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The Use of Ergogenic Compounds to Improve Athletic Performance An Ergogenic aid is known as an enhancing quality in sporting performance. Compounds such as bee pollen, caffeine, glycine, carnitine, lecithin, and gelatin are claimed through anecdotal evidence to improve strength or endurance. The use of drugs and other substances has persisted for nearly a century. Ergogenic aids are used to improve an athlete’s performance in as many ways as possible. This includes: § Physiological aids § Nutritional aids § Mechanical aids §…show more content…
Last but not least the Psychological aids improve mental strength to cope with stress of competing or winning etc. All these different substances come in foods, powders, pills etc and are said to provide athletes with a stronger and overall better performance. There are many out comes from different drugs such as increase of muscle mass and strength, weight loss, faster recovery, prolonged endurance but also illnesses, sport bans etc. There are many different athletes who use these wide ranges of supplements. They vary from swimmers, body builders, triathletes, footballers, weight lifters, runners, surfers, gymnasts, snooker players and many more. The supplements are used for many reasons such as to decrease heart rate and speed, to increase concentration, strength etc. Nutritional aids mainly aim to increase muscle tissue, energy and muscle energy stores. Nutritional sports Ergogenic are used to boost physical power and some to improve mental strength. Pharmacological aids are considered to do the same job as the hormones or neurotransmitter substances that are created and found in the body. Pharmacological aids improve physical power by affecting various metabolic processes related with sport success. An example of this is amphetamines which may imitate the effects of epinephrine hormone secreted naturally during work outs that enhances physiological processes involved
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