The Use of Facebook as an Advertising and Marketing Venue

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The Use of Facebook as an Advertising and Marketing Venue The use of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are no longer an option for businesses; they're absolutely essential. This paper will examine how an educated social media marketing manager can effectively harness Facebook to get the most out of consumer transactions and to help develop the business. However, whenever it comes to doing business with customers in any arena, disputes are bound to occur. Social media offers alternatives to traditional dispute resolution and this paper will discuss what those options are. This paper will also examine what role the federal government has to play with dispute resolution and the types of transactions discussed. Finally this paper will discuss the agency relationships that exist on social media site among social media providers and businesses which harness the site as a means of advertising. One component of a legally astute social media marketing manager who harnesses social media outlets for consumer transactions would simply be for communication. Having a facebook fan page for one's business means that this is a great platform to communicate with customers. With a facebook fanpage, one can focus on the consumer benefits provided by the company. This can make consumers more confident in their purchases and transactions in that they have a clear understanding of how they're protected. Thus, it's key to "focus on the consumers' interests and you will see an
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