The Use of Facebook in Classrooms

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For almost one billion active users of Facebook, it is known for the biggest and most popular social networking site in the internet world. Through Facebook, users can construct their own profile, invite friends, connect with each other, join a group chat and share different ideas through Facebook status. With the help of Facebook, people can communicate with each other easily, even from opposite sides of the world. In fact, Facebook has lots of features that can be easily accessed by the users to benefit them. Facebook gives an enormous impact to people’s everyday lives. Its popularity is continuously expanding and it can’t refuse how Facebook’s presence becomes essential in people’s life. Considering that Facebook was born in a college campus, perhaps it is no surprise that there are several potential uses for it in academic classrooms. Professors and students can use Facebook to enrich classes and shape connections from both inside and outside of the classroom. Facebook was started in 2004 as a social communication tool, initially for students. An article written by Jeffrey Burt claims that, Facebook which have been around here forever was invented by Mark Zucherberg’s dorm room in Harvard University (Burt). Facebook was used for students in Harvard University for a form of getting to know each other for students. Facebook was used to be called as “Facemash”. It was intended for students in Harvard University. After a few days Zucherberg shut down the website because of
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