The Use of Hypnosis in Pain Management and Related Areas Essay

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Hypnosis can be defined as a form of highly focused concentration with relative suspension perplexed awareness used to lessen pain experience. (King.B, 2001) It can also be used alongside analgesics such as morphine. (Bamford.C, 2006) This paper will be discussing the effectiveness of its use to manage pain and related areas based on the benefits and limitations highlighted by various methodologies. These methodologies include decade long observations of case studies, testing on amputees and cancer patients whilst comparing use of pharmacological medicines to use of hypnosis itself. Some of the advantages of hypnosis include how it increases self efficacy by actively allowing patient to control pain symptoms, (Williamson.A, 2004) …show more content…
A particular case of a 65 year old man was used to demonstrate that the extent to which this patient was involved in the process to relieve their pain and how he could personalize this process by relating it to favourable moments of his life, contributed to this effectiveness. (Williamson.A, 2004) To this extent his dependence on pharmacological medicines was eradicated for a period of time thereby boosting his ego since he contributed to relieving his own pain. Contrastingly, a 75 year old study of case studies and various psychologists reports resulted in the argument that this state of concentration brought about by hypnosis is“ simply a quantitative change in susceptibility.” (Vandenberg.B.R., 2010) Despite observations of case studies on individuals with medical disorders, it was gathered that even states such as muscle relaxation can result in hypnotic behavior. It is based on this limitation, that it was concluded that the effectiveness of hypnosis in pain management is only an idea that lacks the ability to be executed. (Vandenberg.B.R., 2010)While both these issues are valid, the effectiveness of this process should not be undermined by the fact that one can use other means to reach it. It is the ability to use it for the purpose of relieving one of their own pain which should be further regarded as it is an expansion of and compliments traditional methods of pain relief. The wider the range of

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