The Use of Illicit Drug: a Significant Cause of Global Health Issue

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The Use of Illicit Drug: a Significant Cause of Global Health Issue
1. Introduction
Many incurable diseases in the world are being cured and eliminated with the development of science and technology, while there are some new adverse factors probably can result in great harm to people 's health. Amongst these factors, the use of illicit drug is a crucial cause of spreading infectious diseases and deaths. It is estimated that more than 200 million people use illicit drugs in 2010 and among these user, approximately 100,000 deaths are related to the use of illicit substance (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2012). Furthermore, illicit drug use also indirectly hinders the development of economy and society, for instance, it
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Due to the high expenditure of the therapy, a large number of drug takers suffering from the diseases still cannot cure and heavy financial burden is considerable obstacle to economic development. An illustration of the burden is that American government spent about $16 billion, which equalled to 0.15% of GDP, on these treatments needed by drug users in 2002. In the same year, researchers predicted that the cost of drug-related therapy would increase to $24 billion by 2010, if expenditure of health developed proportionately (UNODC, 2012).
3. Impact on economy
Illicit drug use results in health issues severely, it also influences social economy and has both positive and negative effects on individual and national economies. It provides job opportunities for unskilled laborers and small farmers, reduces further impoverishment and increases Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (NIGH, 2010). However, in the long term, it causes a great harm to the social economy, for instance, making a reduction in social productivity and putting an extra financial burden on society are two main significant risks generated by illicit drugs.
Illicit drug use has a close relationship to human health problems and crime, which decreases social productivity. The United States Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center (USDJNDIC, 2011) states that productivity losing usually occurs in several situations: in cases people are
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