The Use of Internet in Online Business Management

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The use internet in online business management The internet is defined as a wide connection of computers that is used for communication and sharing information primarily. Since its conception, the internet has grown and advanced immensely with technology. The uses of the internet have also expanded vastly over time into various industries and institutions. Such corporate society that has embraced the use of the internet is the business community. Right from the small scale to the biggest of all business organizations have all in one way or the other embraced the internet. Before the introduction of internet, the businesses used to run on manual organization. The organizational structure is made of activities such as allocation of tasks, coordinating and supervision of the business. The traditional way of organizing and running the business depending on its size varies (Berman & Evans, 1998). Smaller stores tend to combine various related tasks under one department whereas large stores have distinct departments. The overall manager may be the business owner too. There are supervisors and then employees who do the manual activities such as managing the shop shelves, offering the customer care services, cashiers and sales receiving. They also have the marketing department that does advertisements. This traditional organization of retail business has a few challenges. One of the challenges is the management of the employees. Especially if, there is communication break down
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