Essay about The Use of Language in Animal Farm

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The Use of Language in Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell is an allegory in which animals are personified to represent the struggles and conflicts of the Russian Revolution. The main point emphasizes in the novel is that language is a powerful tool, which can be used to manipulate and control people in order to bring about change, whether big or small. In the story the pigs govern everything that happens, whether it is something as miner as eating a meal, or something as major and important as fighting a strategic battle. Napoleon, the foreman, or leader of the pigs is the most powerful of them all. Napoleon and his “side kick”, Squealer, abused the powers of language to manipulate the
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They have no choice, but to listen to the pigs, and agree with what they say so that they will not be considered as going against them. Only Molly, a horse, is smart enough not to listen, and leaves the farm.

Napoleon is one of the most dangerous manipulators throughout the novel. At first he rejects all of Snowball’s plans, and takes part in nothing, but after chases Snowball away with his vicious dogs, he tells everyone that it really was he who came up with the plans for the windmill, that it was he who came up with all of the other good ideas. With the help of Squealer, he is able to persuade everyone that Snowball is really a traitor, and on the farmer’s side. At first, many animals, especially Boxer, were hesitant to believe this, knowing that Snowball was a hero during the battle, but nobody dared argue against Napoleon and his cohorts, fearing the vicious dogs that he used to murder many animals for small crimes.

Squealer, another manipulator, abuses language in order to justify that what Napoleon does and says is right. He is able to talk to the uneducated animals on the farm, using complicated words in order to confuse them

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