The Use of Literary Techniques to Develop Theme in O'Brien's "Where Have You Gone Charming Billy"

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A war has been raging in the jungle and rice paddies of Vietnam. Many have died from other people and mines. Tim O'Brien was born in the time known as the baby boom. The babies born in this time, when they were older, ended up fighting in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War lasted for eighteen years (1956-1975)(Smith 1). O'Brien wrote "Where Have You Gone Charming Billy" in 1975 to protest against the war. The military draft rarely happens, so when it happened for the Vietnam War everyone was surprised. Many did not want to join, which caused mass protests against a war we didn't have to enter. In the story, Paul Berlin is the main character. When he first arrives in Vietnam, he watches one soldier named Billy Boy get his foot blown off. Billy Boy reacts so much that he gave himself a heart attack. Tim O'Brien develops his theme you can not let fear take control in his short story "Where Have You Gone Charming, Billy" through the use of setting, mood, and characterization.
O'Brien emphasize his theme through the use of setting. The Vietnam war started in the 1960s. It was a terrible war that could have been avoided. It "Laid the groundwork for issues he later explored in fiction, including the mind-numbing rituals of battle" (Smith 1). War is the worst way to settle disputes. The quote also means that war plays with your mind so what is seen can never be unseen."YOUR SON BILLY BOY WAS YESTERDAY SCARED TO DEATH IN ACTION IN THE REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM" (O'Brien 1). That shows in
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