The Use of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes Essay

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The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has long been at the centre of much controversy. Some studies have shown results that the benefits of using marijuana for medicinal reasons far outweigh the negative health matters that may be associated with its use, and therefore should be an accepted method of treatment for some patients who are suffering with illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, and eating disorders (Okie, 2005). Still, other studies have proven that there is not enough scientific evidence on the drug, there for it should not be legalized for the use of medication (Hutchings, 2002). Currently the issue is moving forward, although not without controversy, but it is unclear when a clear decision will be made.…show more content…
The Chemical breakdown of cannabis, which marijuana is a herbal product of, contains many components that prove beneficial in the medical field. Parts of the medical field that these components benefit would include various neurological conditions, such as spasticity, pain or sleeping disorders. It is currently difficult to conclude whether these benefits overpower the risks that a person with a neurological disorder would be taking. However Canadian surveys have showed that in two neurological disorder cases, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, cannabis has proven to be beneficial to symptom relief. People with these disorders using cannabis have gotten relief from both their primary symptoms and other symptoms associated with their disorders. In people with epilepsy, the severity and frequency of their seizures was reduced. In people with multiple sclerosis were found to have reduced pain and spasticity, as well as being relived from psychological symptoms caused by the disorder. Without the use of cannabis in some users, they would have a much more difficult time dealing with the symptoms of their disorders (Wingerchuk, 2004). However, there still remains a lot of opposition on the topic of medical marijuana. In the article by Doctor Reginald Hutchings, from Charlottetown P.E.I., discusses the negative side of marijuana. As a physician, Hutchings states that he will not prescribe marijuana to his patients unless he is
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