The Use of Microsoft Powerpoint in Oral and Written Communication

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MS PowerPoint Helps Oral and Written Communication Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 MS PowerPoint Helps Oral and Written Communication 4 Introduction 4 Discussion 4 Communication 5 Oral and Written Communication 5 Communication Process 6 Principles of Communication 7 Educating through MS PowerPoint 9 Conclusion 10 Executive Summary In the present era of 21st century, communication has gained high importance. It is stated that in order to be a successful person at profession, communication skills play vital role. It is no exaggeration to say that 80% of success comes from communication skills and the rest 20% foes to technical expertise of a person. Most highly paid jobs are the ones requiring effective communication. In the formal form of communication, MS PowerPoint enjoys highest portion of eminence. It has relieved people from the hassle of memorizing each and every piece of information or giving handouts to the audience. It has also saved the received of message from the time consuming activity of reading a long report. MS PowerPoint facilitates both sender and receiver of the message by enabling them to manage important highlights of the report in a few slides. The slides can be presented by a presenter in a meeting or can be emailed to a huge audience who finds it interesting to navigate till the end. MS PowerPoint Helps Oral and Written Communication Introduction Since the advent of computer technology, mankind has been
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