The Use of Narrative in Film Essay

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The Use of Narrative in Film The use of Narrative in film and other forms of media is commonplace; it has become such that the media viewer has not only come to expect it but rely on it somewhat. There are two elements in narrative film today that combine in the engaging of the audience; 'story' and 'production' elements. One example in the Australian film industry of the use of production and story elements in such a way as to engage the audiences' attention is the film 'Two Hands'. The film Two Hands was directed in 1999 by Gregor Jordan, a then virtual nobody. The film boasts an all-Australian cast and is full of Australian humor and irony. It is a film that was loved by critics and the public alike and has been affectionately…show more content…
The dialogue in this scene is the most helpful in terms of establishing the storylines and grabbing the attention of the viewer. We learn that Jim owes Pando $10,000 for which he will soon be killed, we learn that Jim will give Pando $15.000 if he lets him go ("I'm doing a job tomorrow. Let me go and I'll give you 15"), we learn that Pando is willing to give Jim a chance by letting him try 013, and that Pando really doesn't want to have to kill him but it seems like he has little choice ("sorry Jimmy"). The next section of the opening sequence takes us back to what is seemingly the beginning of the film, to the heart of King's Cross. Jim is standing out the front of a strip joint with a friend of his. It seems the two are employed by the club to entice male passer-buyers into the club. Through their dialogue the viewer can deduce that Jim intends on doing some work for someone name Pando, who incidentally is someone 'you don't want to get mixed up with'. The viewer may also conclude that Jim is unhappy with his current line of work and wishes to move up through the King's Cross 'hierarchy', so to speak, by doing this job. During this scene Jim's relationship with Pando and Alex are established, or re-established in the case of Pando. Jim's first impressions of Alex, an Alex's first impressions of Jim are evident through the production elements involved. Through the use of cuts between and the
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