The Use of PICOT Format in Structuring Clinical Questions

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Introduction PICOT is a special acronym for the elements of evidence-based clinical questions as follows; patient population (P), intervention /issue of interest (I), comparison intervention / issue of interest (C), outcomes of interest (O), as well as time it takes for the intervention to achieve the desired outcomes (T).The use of PICOT format in structuring of clinical questions assists in the clarification of the important components as well as providing help in the search for the necessary evidence (McKibbon & Marks,2001).A PICOT question which is well-built increases the very livelihood that the chosen best evidence can adequately inform practice in a quicker and efficient manner. Effective healthcare is noted by Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt (2010) noted that effective health care should be based on the highest level of evidence. It should also avoid ineffective care that is most likely to cause harm as opposed to helping a patient or wasting resources. The PICOT Questions in this case were formulated using the guidelines provided by Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, (2010, p 31). In ICU patients at risk for pneumonia and delirium, how does the implementation of bundled care (ie; awake/off vent, delirium monitoring and management and early mobility) compared to conventional ICU care decrease the rate of pneumonia and length of stay within the first 72 hours of hospitalization? Methodology The above PICOT question is aimed at investigation an intervention/treatment

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