The Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Today

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Performance enhancers are very prominent in professional sports today. A lot of players are facing suspensions and other penalties for using them. The sport that gets scrutinized the most for this is Baseball. Many former users in the MLB (or formally the NABBP) have come out saying that they were using these drugs while playing. Some of these players are Jorge Sosa, Antonio Bastardo, and the famous Alex Rodriguez. Although these drugs have been prohibited, players are still finding ways around the tests which is why in some other countries they are legal so that no one player can have an unfair advantage. There have been many arguments and disputes about the origin of the sport known as baseball. This has led many people to wonder where 'America's favorite pastime' came from. Some people believe that the sport has taken shape from a primeval community game called rounders. Other historical sources remark that Thomas Wilson condemned this game and a few other sports. In England he was considered a conformist leader. These speculations have led to curiosity to the game of stool ball. In this game, the batter would stand in front of a stool while a different person pitched him the ball. If the batter's ball was caught in the field he would be out. Also, if the ball hit the stool that was behind the batter, he would again be out. (
According to (, the first modern rules for
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