Essay on The Use of Symbolism in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

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The Use of Symbolism in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

In "The Lottery," Shirley Jackson uses symbolism to make us aware of the pointless nature of humanity regarding tradition and violence. The story starts off on a beautiful summer day in a small town. The author describes the day as very euphoric but strikes a contrast between the atmosphere of the town and the atmosphere of the people gathered in the square. The atmosphere is subdued, where the children are "gathered around quietly."

The black box is the central theme or idea in the story. It symbolizes at first some type of mystery, but as we read the ending we realize that it is synonymous with doom. Someone's fate lies in an inanimate object, the
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We see that even as Tessie is being stoned to death does she not question the reasoning behind the lottery, but why it should be her that has to die.

The story also has some symbolic relevance to when it was written in 1948.
This was a time where a lot of countries were rebuilding there nations due to the destruction they undertook in World War II. These nations were restructuring how they handled world problems, and how they ran there own countries.
There was a lot of change after the war; people were not the same because so many had been affected by it. I think that this story tries to capture some of that. One example in the book was, ?There had been , also, a ritual salute, which the official of the lottery had had to use in addressing each person who came up to draw from the box, but this also had changed with time, until now it was felt necessary only for the official to speak to each person approaching.? I feel that this shows that she interpreted the story to what was going on in the world around her, and how the world was changing so much.
Traditions that people used to feel very strong about were starting to be broken down by the change in time, and world around them.

As much as The Lottery
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