The Use of Technology in Classrooms Essay

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The Use of Technology in Classrooms Throughout the years technology has help advance our school system to make a teachers job easier. New technology enables teachers to get their point across to children in different ways, depending on what kind of learner the child is. Twenty-five years ago, there were no personal computers. Today, almost 30% of American households own a PC, and more than 60% of American students use computers in schools. The personal computer brought about many new advances into the classroom. Such as the Internet in 1993, which is used today in classrooms across the country. Then in 1998 video conferencing was introduced. Also, in that year The American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education pronounced the…show more content…
They also offer students the option to pay fees with credit cards online, so there is no need to go to the post office or buy a stamp. This new technology is changing the world, as we know it. The new foundation that links individuals and groups around the world instantaneously is the Internet. Computers can also allow students to use learning styles that they prefer. Allowing them to gain knowledge of the subject at their own pace, with instant correction, explanation, as well as reinforcement. These advantages to technology are advancing even more as time goes by. While researching I also noticed that computers are often used for presentations in the classroom. Students use software programs like Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, and others. These programs allow students to learn quickly how to create a professional presentation on any subject, and are even good for beginners who are not as familiar with the programs. CD-ROM encyclopedias, Internet searches, and other programs offer sounds, video clips, photos, and text-based information that students can include into their multimedia shows. Publication of the presentation on the World Wide Web or an oral presentation to the class or school makes sharing the project far easier than a traditional handwritten paper, and gives the students a great individual satisfaction of their success. Schools that are currently incorporating technology in their curriculums are already using individual as
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