The Use of Telecommunications in Healthcare

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The use of telecommunications in health care continues to grow each year and has enhanced the opportunities for individuals that make up the medical field. This opportunity is expected to be enhanced in Darby Medical Center, a center I last visited. Even though there are proofs of technology advancement in some of the facilities within the center yet there are some expected tools that need to be implored into the system in order to foster standardization. Majorly, the telecommunications are better in some aspect and poor in other. There are needs for this center to "step up" in the area of electronic communications for better attainment of better care. Think back on the last time you accessed health care services in your community and make recommendations for incorporating unapplied telecommunications concepts that would have improved your visit. Provide specific examples to support your response In my recommendation I will suggest adoption of Tele-health in the center. Tele-health is a term that refers to the use of medical information exchanged via electronic communications expands patient access to better health care and enhances providers' roles and abilities to supply better care. Among clinical care technology, Tele-health includes electronic transmission of information that gives health care professionals improved working capabilities like continuing education, electronic medical records systems and research collaboration. The clinical side of Tele-health is called
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