The Use of Vampire Characters in Novels

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The Gothic novel is not just an ordinary story of vampirism, it is rather a story about a very particular kind of myth that is very old, that goes back even before the ancient Greeks. In classical mythology there have been always stories about exotic lands inhabited by exotic creatures, there have been always a fascination with constructing images of monsters male and female. In classical mythology there have been always stories about the encounter between the mortal and the immortal, between the ordinary and the exotic. There have been always an attraction to images of monsters, designed to shock and horrify. In short various images of monstrosity are found in classical mythology. One of the most famous , the Sirens. Barbara Creed in her article “The Monstrous-Feminine: Stereotyping against the the Grain” writes in describing female monstrosity: “The Sirens were deadly to the male sex. Described as enormous birds with the heads of women, the sirens were able to sing beautiful haunting songs which they used to lure unwary sailors to shore, where submerged reefs tore apart their ships. These fatal creatures then devoured their prey…Like the sirens, female vampires have often been represented as beautiful, alluring creatures that seduce their victims before sucking their lifeblood from their veins”(Creed). This analogy Barbara Creed makes between the sirens as mythological monsters and the vampire figure of the nineteenth century enables us understand the ongoing attraction

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