The Use of Various Forms of Power in an Export and Import Company

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Export and import company: The use of various forms of power Working in an export-import business, I am continually reminded of the truth that power is not something that is simply done 'by' someone 'to' someone else. According to French and Raven's (1960), power exists in five fundamentally different forms: coercive, reward-based, legitimate, referent and expert-related power (Straker 2012). The ability of the leader to use such power depends on his or her position, personality, and also the contextual nature of the relationship with the follower. For example, although coercive power is often seen as a negative thing, given that it is a power which is dependent upon force, it is sometimes necessary to use when a supplier is not honoring his or her obligations to our organization. We must invoke the law and the fact they are breaking a contract to see justice done. Coercive power is defined as "the power to force someone to do something against their will. It is often physical although other threats may be used" (Straker 2012). Coercive power, I have found, is often ineffective within an organization, but can be necessary to use when dealing with recalcitrant outside entities whom are not swayed by the other types of power. A second form of power is reward-based power (Straker 2012). This is often used to motivate employees, particularly lower-level employees. Most employees work with their eye upon a paycheck to some extent, particularly in occupations such as stocking

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