The Use of Wind Power Is the Answer for the Future

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The use of wind power is the answer for the future. The use of wind power has developed from when it was first used to power ships in ancient civilizations like trading botes that sailed the Nail Egypt. Wind power was then captured by wind mills on farms to produce mechanical energy. This energy was then used to pump water to irrigate crops so farmers could have a more reliable harvest. Windmills also powered and to grinders that that crushed up grains. In today’s society wind turbines have been developed that makes wind a feasible source of fuel for America. Wind Energy is no longer a simple idea of little importance. It has developed into a major and dependable source of energy. The dependence on fossil fuels is a big problem in society however, if we take advantage of renewable technology like wind energy, the economy and the environment will benefit. Wind turbines offer many positive advantages. They boost the economy, on a local and national level. Wind power is a clean energy source, and unlike dirty fossil fuels. Wind power helps protect our planet by reducing pollution and lowering the amount of harmful emissions that contribute to global warming. Wind is completely renewable, and is a domestic source which will decrease our dependence on other countries. Wind turbines are not flawless, they do have some problems. One of the first problems is the limitation of wind power. Scene the turbines rely on wind to generate electricity if there is no or vary little wind

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