The Use of the Permissive Induction Will Always Be More Effective

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Always is a metaphor, therefore it is a given and will happen. The title of this discussion leads to the suggestion that the personalised induction will always be more effective, however, I am inclined to disagree that this statement is true. Always is a metaphor, therefore it is a given and will happen. In some clients this may be true, but not always. The type of client, the type of hypnotherapy required and the state of mind of the client will also have factors to play. A personalised induction allows for a more personal approach but in many cases this may not be possible.

Hypnosis is used for a wide range of problems; weight loss, smoking, stress and phobias to name but
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Our brain will externalise instructions that it has internally stored and so people should behave and react outwardly to what they are thinking internally, but we tend not to because of inhibitions. Our internal world tends to be far more exciting than our external personas therefore by accessing it via hypnosis we should be able to change this and lead just as exciting an outside world.

Our brains create our mental state, we can think ourselves into a state of mind. For example, your body may be exhausted during exercise but if your brain keeps repeating that you can continue then you can force your body to carry on.

In the early 1970s a student of psychology, Richard Bandler and an assistant professor of linguistics, John Grinder identified that all humans have a series of modalities. All humans have a preference for a specific sense or modality which we are born with and which is predominant and they use this more than their other modalities. Each of the modalities has representations in the person’s physiology, language, behaviour and eye movement. Most people primarily define their world in a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic way; but there are other modalities which include olfactory (smell), gustatory (taste) and digital/audio (internal dialogue).

Hypnotherapists using this method conduct a preliminary interview to define their client’s modality. The type of induction consequently
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