The Usefulness of Ocs in Measuring Crime

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Deviance is not usually a crime, but may be seen as one. Deviance is when someone breaks the norms and values of a society, but the act is not illegal. Crime is where a person beaks the law of land, they either do something they shouldn’t, or they don’t do something they should. Crime and deviance can be measured with the use of Official Crime Statistic (OCS). OCS is the crimes which are reported by the victim, and then further recorded by the Police. Not all crimes are recorded by the Police, which lead to a dark figure in the overall collected OCS. To avoid dark figures there are other methods to measure crime and deviance. OCS is a police recorded measure of crime. One could argue that the police play a key role in how much crime…show more content…
With the use of this other ethical issues such as consent, ant the possibility of engaging in immoral or distasteful activities. This is a significant factor in the area of crime and deviance. A disadvantage of OCS is that many crimes may not be reported by the victim and so is not report. This could be down to individual differences, as many crimes are not thought to be crimes as it depends on an individual’s definition of crime. Another disadvantage is that some people, who are convicted, are not guilty. So conviction rates are not a good guide to the distribution of crime and deviance amongst population. A finally disadvantage To increase the validity, the alternative measure of Victim surveys (VS), are used to eliminate the dark figures of OCS. This is used to provide a fuller picture of crimes. VS data is collected quantitatively so it is easily recorded, and be easily put into a graph to find trends and patterns. As not all crimes are reported or recorded, it is difficult to get an accurate figure. Some crimes may not be reported as the victim feels the police may not be able to do anything about the crime committed, or possible fear of reprisals. As VS give the opportunity to ask people if they have been the victim of crime within the past 12 months. This gives a gateway for unreported crimes to be recorded and included within the OCS. Problems may arise with the use of

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