The Uses And Gratifications Research Of Mass Communication Essay

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There are several debates on whether the uses and gratifications research of Mass Communication is still relevant in the modern world as well as considering the possibility that the Era of Mass Communication has ended completely. According to Thomas E. Ruggiero, the uses and gratifications are evolving to approach towards the new mass communication form, from the early years of newspaper, radio and television, and now the Internet (Ruggiero, 2000). These technologies are used to reach large audiences for media purposes. Internet and social networking has become more dominant form of communication between audiences and media outlets. This would create a change in mass media relationships in comparison to the previous pre internet era, including in the use and gratifications obtained by the audiences. Meaning an individual may get something else out of using the mass communication technology of internet than the form of a newspaper, as that was during the time that U&G studies surfaced. Studies of the 20th Century mass media (pre internet Era) may differ from modern uses and gratifications of the mass media with the major influence of the internet. The debates are whether pre internet research on uses and gratification is still relevant in today’s modern day usage of internet.

Early research on the uses and gratifications of mass media focuses on the media consumption of audiences, to satisfy their own needs and what motivates them to select the different forms of media.

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