The Uses Of A Sensor

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A sensor is a hardware device that provides information to the computer about the location, temperature, pressure etc. by converting physical quantity into digital measures. Programs on computer are installed to fetch and access information from sensors and then store it for analysis. There are two types of sensors: The one that are built into computer and the others that are connected to computer via wired or wireless medium. Industries are investing in sensors for various sectors like power, automotive, entertainment, technology etc. In future years, the databases will be filled by the data gathered by the internet of things and the sensors. Worldwide a range of industries and organizations are collecting data from sensors.
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Possibility of internet of things without sensors is quite impossible. Sensors is one of the common thing which all things connected to IOT should have apart from unique identifier and the communication. Sensors detect and measure the location, pressure, temperature from the objects connected and the data collected are stored into the databases which are expanding day by day [1]. The internet of things can greatly help the world by providing the appropriate and beneficial information. FIGURE 1.0 SENSORS CONNECTED TO INTERNET OF THINGS
Wireless sensor network
A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a network of nodes that sense and control the environment providing interaction between the machines and the surrounding environment. It is formed by large number of sensors nodes where each node is equipped with sensor to detect physical characteristic such as temperature, pressure, weight etc. [2]. WSN is a new revolutionary method which gathers information from sensor nodes providing a reliable and efficient network. With the growing technology of sensors, WSNs will become the key for internet of things. The current focus of sensor network is mainly on networking technology comprising of dynamic environment and the sensor nodes. The new research program of SenseIT provided the sensor networking with new capabilities such
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