The Uses and Effects of Youtube for Today's World Essay

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As society changes the use of Youtube becomes more influential to the expansion of our daily lives. It has become more then just a place where videos are uploaded for the whole world to see. There might be specific reasons as to why Youtube was invented, but the way it is being used by society has brought a whole new perspective.Youtube, just like many other social media apps, is generally used to share media, inform news, connect people, spread ideas, and used as a promoting website. Thanks to Youtube there is no need to purchase or read newspapers in oder to be informed about global issues. Now there is the option of simply sitting in front of a computer and watch a five to ten minute video of a basic summary of the most important…show more content…
Tradditional vloggers usually post their ideas in words on websites such as Tumbler, or even have their own website. youtube vloggers do the same but they do it by recording their ideas into a visual concept that is easier to comprehend. The more videos each vlogger posts the more viwers and more recognition they get, not just from regular youtuber but also from tv shows. Examples of such recognitons are represented by vloggers Timothy Delaghetto who is now on mtv's Wild-N-Out tv show, and Michelle Phan who has her own cosmetic line called EM. Additionally vloggers get paid by the youtube corporation and have the opportunity to attend annual convetions all around the wolrd. People do not have to just be vloggers to become famous. there are other different ways of being well known. Several singers and mucicians from youtube now have their own albums, and all that happened by posting song covers on youtube. As the website gets more famous it becomes a place of big possibilities for anyone who shares their media. Another big way youtube is being used today if for promotion. Promotion of hair products, dog food, and even for politiccal events are seen all over the homepage. Video ads are by far the most famous and most used amongst all promoting ads. These video ads last from 2 to 5 minutes, talk about the product it is trying to sell, and once it is over it gives you a link that takes you directly to the products website. Then there are the forever
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