The Usual Suspects

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Work of Art Movies are the work of art to me. They have the ability to embody the reality. Also, they can take you from the reality into a world of fantasy. They convey to you the feeling of pleasure with amazement, and the creativity to change the design of writing to an image movable. Movies make the science easier, and you get the information in a fun way, which you will not get it if you read it in a book. They are the real art, and the best thing that have created. One the greatest movies I have ever watched if The Usual Suspects.
The Usual Suspects was directed by Bryan Singer in 1995, and written by Christopher McQuarrie. It’s a crime and mystery movies, and it takes you to be dispersed. The movie depends on three main lines. First
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No one in the world knows who is Keyesr Söze. This makes you think how this could be good when you don’t know who is the devil. Also, make you think if one of the four who were with Verbal was Keyesr. The trick is that people didn’t see him or know if he was existent or not. They could work for him, but they never knew. The story of Keyesr is there were a gang raped his wife and kill one of his children in front of his eyes. Keyesr killed his family, then killed the gang. However, he leaves one of them alive to tell his boss that Keyesr is coming after you.
The Usual Suspects wasn’t just about an ordinary gangsters’ stories. What makes me thing this movie is a different from the other gangs’ movies is because you don’t know who is the hero in the movie. Sometimes you think the hero is the detective, or keyesr, or maybe Verbal. The shocking end that when you realize Verbal was making the names from the advertisements’ board behind the officer Koyan, and he didn’t tell him the truth.
In conclusion, the three main lines, the devil trick, and the shocking end make this movie one of the greatest piece of art the world has ever had. The dramatic escalation from the first part to the last part of the movie makes you unable to lift your eyes from the screen. This is the work of art people should see and
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