The Usual Suspects and Daily Kos

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The next blog I analyzed is called The Usual Suspects, and it describes itself as “an Francisco’s Political Homepage,” covering local politics, elections, and governance since 1995 (source.) The Usual Suspects blog offers a vast amount of local political information in San Francisco. It has many resources on upcoming elections such as San Francisco election history, news on upcoming elections, and information on San Francisco’s office of mayor and Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors is a governing institution involved in making decisions in San Francisco County’s policy process. On Usual suspects there are linked to newsletter pages of the eleven district representative of the Board of Supervisors. Usual Suspects also has many other political links including those of all elected officials, local media organizations, political organizations, and political websites. In these links are resources to smaller and more local newspapers that cater towards different ethnic communities and neighborhoods within the city of San Francisco. All of the information provided on the Usual Suspects blog is valuable information for the politically involved citizen. There are ever resources for online forums where people can chat specifically about local politics. San Francisco’s Usual Suspects blogs provides important resources that allow people to get into contact with their elected officials, to educate themselves about local political affairs, and to communicate with other

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