The Utilization Of A Mobile Commerce Account

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To maximize growth within Soil Service, the utilization of a mobile commerce account will coordinate Soil Service customers with their accounts and allow Soil Service employees to focus continuously per the operation of the company. By utilizing modern day technology, the application will benefit the employee, providing them more hands on time and allow customers to access their own accounts as needed. The research I have done per your customer service needs, indicates changes that need to be made per the growth of your company and insuring customer satisfaction. As Soil Service is the third fertilizer company in your area, it is critical to not meet but exceed the customer needs. Being able to stand above the rest and keep your…show more content…
Soil Service has been in business since 1987; offering their customers with the highest quality of liquid fertilizer in the area. In 2010, Soil Service made the decision to change how their fertilizer was made. As of 2010, Soil Service changed the fertilizer they offered their customers to a 100% food grade quality liquid fertilizer, thus minimizing the arsenic found in most common fertilizers handled by the competition. In 2014, Soil Service was purchased by the current owners, Brent and Andrea Schmitz. As the new owners they want to stay ahead of their competitors by adapting their company around what their customers want. This report will cover recommendations for Soil Service and how they can offer exceptional customer service that will ensure continuous clientele and gain new customers. Soil Service customers are looking for ways they can gain more access to their account information, pay their bills online, order parts and schedule deliveries. Not only will the recommendations stated in this report offer the customers what they are desiring but also, allow the main office to maximize their time to handle bookwork and minimize phone handling. The recommendations will also allow Soil Service as a company to expand while continuing to have notable customer service. Limitations As for the assessment of how Soil Service handles customer service, twenty-four hours were spent for this observation. Within the
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