The V Fusion + Energy Drink

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For as long as there has been coffee and tea, beverages have been used as a source of instant energy. People that work long hours and become exhausted with all that work started looking for ways to stay awake and accomplish their tasks. Companies then realized this need and cashed in on it. V Fusion + Energy is just one of the many drinks that have hit the market. While the quick energy enhancement is just one of the benefits, Fusion + Energy also asserts to be refreshing with its blend of vegetable and fruit juice. With this mix, it also claims to have less caffeine and is a healthier choice.
The V Fusion + energy drink has potential for growth. In this multi-billion dollar industry, there is room for advancement. Campbell’s has implemented many programs to outperform their competition ( The PESTAL analysis factors are the political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal influences.
Social environment are things such as the workplace where a lot of energy drinks are consumed. People that are unemployed will not consume as many since they are not keeping the late nights as the employed. Another factor would be demography. Places where there is a larger population of elderly people will not consume the product. Areas, such as college and university cities have much younger people. They are the ones that will utilize the product and on a regular basis. They have the need for staying awake; not just for work but studies and sometimes
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