The V2 Rocket

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Ever since the development of the first few examples of rocket power, it was evident that this was technology that was going to change the face of the world forever. Since missiles and other weaponry were now able to be launched across continents and even oceans, it made the world feel a whole lot smaller. In turn, this was the technology that “had its ultimate foundation in the simple power rocket which originated as a weapon of war” . However, this technology underwent an extreme transformation over time and was eventually the basis of the technology used to put spacecrafts up in space. One of the main rockets that is going to be discussed in this paper is the V2 rocket designed by the Germans during World War II, as much of the technology that put spacecrafts in space came from this rocket. Another aspect that is going to be…show more content…
Even during the phases of texting for the V2 rockets, scientists were still doing tests of what the upper atmosphere would do to biological samples. “Occasionally a bag of seeds or a box of fruit flies was carried up in order to test what the cosmic rays might do to their genes.” Doing this with the V2 rockets was much easier than their previous methods, which was attaching these samples to balloons that were sent up into the atmosphere. This was because the balloons “drifted with the wind… the V2 could be aimed to crash at a certain point in the desert,” meaning that instead of the chance at having your data blown out overseas and lost, was pretty much lost completely. As the crash sites for rockets could for the most part be directed. Overall, this shows that even before space exploration was even a concept, people were still using war time technology, I.E rockets, in order to send things into our atmosphere for study
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