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The VA (Veterans Affair) Health Care System is one of the largest, most advanced health care networks in the U.S. The VA Health Care System is the provider for veterans, retirees and their dependents and manages all their health care. The VA Health Care is actually one part of the Department of Veterans Affairs. There is also VA Benefits Administration which has to do with compensations and pensions. Then the other part of the VA is the National Cemetery Administration which is in charge of the cemeteries and providing burial and memorial benefits. All these parts make up the Department of Veterans Affairs. (VA History)
In 1636 the “Pilgrims passed a law which stated that disabled soliders would be supported by the colony.” (VA History)
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These facilities provide a broad spectrum of medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care. Then in 1973 the National Cemetery System (except Arlington National Cemetery) was transferred to the Veterans Administration from the department of the Army. The VA was charged with operating the Cemetery System this includes marking all the graves of veterans in national and state cemetery’s and administering the State Cemetery Grants Program. The Department of Veterans Affairs was established as a cabinet-level position on march 15 1989 under President Bush (senior), he addressed the creation of this new department saying, “ there is only one place for the veterans of America, in the cabinet room, at the table with the President of the United States of America.” (VA History)
One of the services the VA offers to veterans is Pensions. To receive pension benefits a veteran must be a low income individual, either permanently or totally disabled, or age 65 or older who has served more than 90 days of active military service with at least one during a period of war. (VA)This 90 days of active duty servitude does not apply to veterans whom have been discharged due to a service-connected disability. If a veteran was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable or the disability is a result of his

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