`` The Vacuum `` By Howard Nemerov

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In poetry, not everything is exactly as it sounds. Sometimes things have a deeper meaning to them. Howard Nemerov wrote “The Vacuum” which portrays the love that he used to have for his wife. Throughout the poem, Nemerov tackles an issue that is important in the American society: grief of a loved one. Everyone had different ways of dealing with grief and for Nemerov, his grief was put into a poem. You must be willing to fully pay attention to the words and phrases in the poem in orderly to truly grasp onto his poem. Not only does this poem express his love that he had for his wife, but also it used on word as a symbol for what he used to have. With the use of diction, stanza and simile, Nemerov’s “The Vacuum” sum up the expression of emotions full of loneliness and sorrow with the loss of a loved one.
To help move along this discussion, a brief summary of this poem may help. “The Vacuum” is a very organized poem in terms of using words to symbolize something else. Not many authors use one symbol to represent the theme, yet they use multiple symbols to represent their poems. Howard Nemerov’s “The Vacuum” is structured around a central pun, that of the vacuum. The speaker is an older widower, for whom there is a vacuum that his wife once used. In this poem the older gentleman was married to a woman who it seems loved to clean and keep the house organized. Till this day, the gentleman still cannot bear to bring himself to run the vacuum cleaner because it reminds him of his

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