The Validity Measures Of Blood Pressure

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Aim: This study aims to calculate the validity measures of blood pressure-to-height ratios (BPHR) in screening for elevated blood pressure (EBP) in a sample of the Egyptian adolescence aged 11-15 years. Subject and Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted on a sample of 1707 students aged 11-15 years. Elevated blood pressure was defined according to the international gold standard definition. Systolic and diastolic BPHR (SBPHR and DBPHR) were calculated for boys and girls, and their ability to identify EBP has been determined by the area under the curve of the receiver operator characteristic curves. Sex-specific optimal cutoff points were determined along the curve, and their sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative…show more content…
About 10% of the Egyptian children and adolescents have EBP(7), and this rate is expected to increase with the current increased rate of childhood and adolescence overweight and obesity that exceeded 45% in our country(8). Therefore, there was an urgent need for the diagnosis and treatment of pre-hypertension (pre-HTN) and HTN early in life, as this may result in lifelong reduction in the risk of their occurrence as well as the occurrence of associated conditions(4). Based on a gold standard guidelines developed for the definition of normal and EBP in children and adolescents, accurate diagnosis of EBP requires adjusting the values for age, gender, and height(9). This adjustment requires measuring the child’s height, determining the child’s height’s percentile based on national or international height tables, measuring and recording the child’s blood pressure (BP), and finally checking if his BP falls within or above the corresponding BP percentiles in the BP tables. This cumbersome process makes the interpretation of the BP level time consuming and too complex to be applied in everyday pediatric clinical practice(10,11). Providing simple approaches for interpreting BP levels in childhood and adolescence would encourage health care providers to include blood pressure
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