The Validity of the Rorschach Test

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Did you ever ask yourself who you really are? The Rorschach test tries to answer to this question. The Rorschach test is a projective test which means the subjects projects his unconscious mind and thoughts in the image to describe and explain it. There are a lot of different projective tests, but in this case, an inkblot test. In this essay we will discuss whether this test is still valid or not. We are firstly going to present you the creator of this test and what it is all about, after that, we will present you the different inkblots and what they reveal, and finally we will debate on the reasons that pushes this test to be more invalid than valid.

Who is Hermann Rorschach and what is his test?
Early career:

The psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach was born in 1884 on the 8th of November in Zurich. With his mother dying in 1897 Hermann was left with his father that was an art teacher. In high school, Hermann loved an inkblot game named Klecksography. So his father being an art teacher encouraged him to express his creativity. Consequently he created the Rorschach test by combining his psychoanalysis and art skills. (Hermann Rorschach Biography). In 1904 He left and studied botany and geology in the academia of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. He stayed there only one term. Aside of those courses he took French lessons at the university of Berne in 1904. Specializing in psychology he continued his studies in Zurich, Nuremberg and Berlin. He graduated from Zurich’s university
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