The Valley Of The Shadow Archives

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The Valley of the Shadow The Valley of the Shadow archives is an online database that has digitally archived diaries, letters, and newspapers from two neighboring counties, Augusta County, Virginia and Franklin County, Pennsylvania during the Civil War era in the United States. Separated by the Mason-Dixon Line, a line which marked the geography between southern slave states and northern free-slave states, disconnected the southern Augusta County and the northern Franklin County. The archives focus on the Pre-war, war time, and post war views of the Counties inhabitants based on religion, economy, family life, and their controversial views on slavery. These insights give modern day historians the ability to piece together what life was actually like for the residents of the opposing Counties. One of the most influential controversies between the north and the south is the abolition of slavery, the north being for the freeing of slaves, and the south being for the retention and expansion of slavery. The economic stability that slavery provided for southern states was a driving force for the southern front, while the concept of emancipation drove the northern front to fight for the abolition of slavery all together. This ultimately leads to the Southern succession from the Union and spawns the Civil War, thus separating Augusta and Franklin County. Therefore, the central idea of this essay is to show the opposing attitudes of Augusta County and Franklin County, in
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