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Sales Management The Valley Winery Case Study Introduction Pat Waller was hired as a sales manager for the San Francisco region’s chain division for the Valley winery products and despite having very good sales a high turnover ratio of 100% seemed to be a major impediment in the future prospects of the company. Waller despite lamenting the problems he inherited had a major task ahead of the situation regarding a better planning of strategies which would help in organizing of the sales force activities at Valley Winery and its prospective operations in the region. The Company Valley Winery was founded in 1933 and has risen to be the largest domestic producer of wine in the US. The company has more than 40% of market share in the US and…show more content…
The motivation of the sales force is so low that they think that the district managers are no more that the baby sitters. No right schedule is being released by the management, there is no sales management planning in the organization. The leadership runs from the top. The employees just want to make sales without having concern about the company in that they work. Moreover, the uncertain night calls and long distance travels for the reps and frequent changes in the sales organizational structure has made problem even worse. Symptoms to the Problem  High turnover rate • The turnover rate is high over the past several years. • is doubling every year and still the number of employees remain constant. • the working experience of an average employee is around 7 months which clearly tells that company is aggressively hiring the sales people. • And total of approximately 50 sales persons are replaced every year.  Poor Hiring Mechanism • No aptitude tests • No background checks • Non-involvement of direct supervisors in recruitment • No coaching and lack of motivation (Leader runs from the top) Some of the other problems identified are as follow: • Poor Forecasting of number of sales person • No professional training provided • Lack of vision • Lack of career development • Poor Territory design • Lack of supervision of the

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