The Valley Winery Case Study Study

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Sales Management
The Valley Winery Case Study

Pat Waller was hired as a sales manager for the San Francisco region’s chain division for the Valley winery products and despite having very good sales a high turnover ratio of 100% seemed to be a major impediment in the future prospects of the company. Waller despite lamenting the problems he inherited had a major task ahead of the situation regarding a better planning of strategies which would help in organizing of the sales force activities at Valley Winery and its prospective operations in the region.

The Company
Valley Winery was founded in 1933 and has risen to be the largest domestic producer of wine in the US. The company has more than 40% of market share in the US and in 2004 had a revenue of $1.5 billion. The brand has multiple product lines that includes both low-price, consistent-quality wines and also low-grade wines and wine coolers. Valley Winery has had a hard time retaining its sales force and despite the short-term increase in sales does not seem to have a sustainable growth. The company having started with only $7500 investment, after the end of prohibition has become the leading producer of low priced, consistent-quality wines producers and manufacturers and tagged as the best managed and most innovative in the market.
The company’s success can be traced to two broad factors
• Producing wines consistently at high quality and lower prices
• Sales force using a push strategy

Facts and figures

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