The Value Chain Analysis Of Disney's Core Competency

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Entertainment is Disney’s main core competency which results from:
● Excellent staff recruitment and training
● Thorough research of their target market(s)
● Expansion to global markets
● Acquisition of competitor brands
● Providing broad range of business segments
● Constantly searching for new ways of growth

2.2.3 Distinctive Organizational Capabilities

Disney has some very distinctive characteristics that sets it above its competitors:
● The organization has a broad range of business sectors that would be very difficult to imitate. This sets this sets them above and beyond competition.
● The brand has worldwide recognition and is respected and known for quality entertainment.
● Disney has substantial access to resources which makes its spending power and capabilities to compete almost limitless.
● Their extensive research in market trends enables them to keep a step ahead of its competitors by constantly expanding to meet consumer needs.

2.2.4 Value Chain Analysis

Under Mike Porter’s Value Chain analysis every organization has primary activities and support activities. Primary activities are inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and customer service. Support activities are infrastructure, human resource management, technological development, and procurement. For a conglomerate like Disney creating value is done by leveraging all the outputs of its various segments to benefit the others.

Inbound Logistics/Procurement


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