The Value Of A College Degree

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The Value of a College Degree

Given the huge rise in college tuition, a commonly asked question by college students is whether a college degree is really worth the cost. Most will graduate with debt from loans and ponder if a degree will actually make a significant amount of difference in future earnings versus those with a high school diploma. There are many considerations in acquiring a college education: what to major in, what colleges offer that major, can I afford it, will loans or scholarships be available, will I have to relocate, and, for some, will being away from home be too stressful. A college degree isn 't just a piece of paper that will be handed to the graduates. It requires enormous hard work and sacrifice, but once earned, the student will come to realize it will be the most expensive piece of paper he or she will ever own. Despite the rising cost of a college degree, according to an article written by Kyla Calvert on PBS Newshour, 39.4% of Americans in 2012 between the ages 25 and 64 had at least a two-year degree. That was an increase in 2011 from 38.7%, the highest gain since 2008(Calvert para. 2). It is a general consensus among college graduates that regardless of the price tag and huge debt they incur, a degree is worthwhile and beneficial to a successful future. Attending a college or university for many meant overcoming numerous obstacles such as: securing the finances needed, uprooting their family and finding adequate/safe housing. Many
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