The Value Of A Commodity

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We live in an age where markets have reduced everything to the status of a commodity that can be sold, bought, traded in and/or stolen. This includes factors such as labor, human beings and their reproductive capacity (Scheper-Hughes, 2002). This makes us wonder about what really makes something qualify as a commodity and what the qualities of a commodity are. These questions receive very different answers presently than what they would years ago. This is not due to philosophizing the term ‘commodity’, but due to the fact that certain factors have to be considered before anything can qualify as a commodity. For instance, a potato can be both a commodity and not a commodity. If the potato is used by the producer, then it is not a commodity. However, if it is sold for profit, then it qualifies as a commodity (Russell, 2011). This means that even things, such as body parts, which were traditionally not considered a commodity, can attain commodity status as long as monetary value can be attached to them. Bourbon coffee beans are considered a commodity in certain parts of the world, but through different ways. They undergo different stages in the process of making finished products. This essay is aimed at analyzing the chain cycle of bourbon coffee beans and establishing how they maintain the commodity status throughout it all. It will look at three stages of the chain that coffee beans go through; production in the farms, processing, and distribution.
Bourbon coffee is a popular…

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