The Value Of A Degree

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The Value Of A Degree I think that in most cases the value of a degree does not out weight the amount of money that students spend on to get there chosen degree. Students think that if they go to college and get a degree once they graduate they will be able to find a good paying job more easily. Megan McArdle author of “The College Bubble” Newsweek states that, “Effectively, we’ve treated the average wage premium as if it were a guarantee—and then we’ve encouraged college students to borrow against it” (McArdle 25). It is the unintentional ignorance that puts college students in a predicament where they can not get a job with a degree that is lucrative enough to pay back there student loans. Students and parents that are about to put their children through college go into the finical aid office and talk to people who say things like “make an investment in your self and your future”. They make taking out student loans sound normal and easy to pay off. McArdle says the truth is that Over 50% new graduates are in jobs that do not require a degree or are unemployed. In addition to that the current average amount of student loan debt has increased by 500% since 1999 (McArdle 24). This may come from the fact that a lot of the people that are taking out these loans are first generation college students and their parents. The fact is that those people are just not educated on how student loans work and see it as an easy way to get a better paying job. The other paternal cause
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