The Value Of A Migrant Worker Essay

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A.) Social Location / pg.3: The group memberships that people have because of their location in history and society

In The Harvest, it was interesting how the entire make-up of the families was based on being a migrant worker. Every person in the family seemed to already know what their role was going to be as a child, there role in society was already pre mapped out for them. The goal as a family was to have everyone in the United States working together in the fields. The families followed a yearly routine, following the harvesting of different crops around the country. Their travels, their homes, their income, their education, their social life, their human survival all based on the harvesting of the different crops. The views of the world and the individual’s role in life and society is very limited. The one little girl actually said she wasn’t sure that she had a dream. That she had goals in life, but she wasn’t really sure of an actual dream. Me coming from and growing up in the working middle class, my role as a child was to play and receive an education. I knew on some sort of level that my responsibility was going to school, have friends and a social life, and hopefully work and progress in my field of studies. Making a comfortable living and having hopes of an increase of salary. The migrant workers in this video have very different dynamics. There was a large responsibility placed on the young children not even old enough to legally work in the United
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