The Value Of Aging : Late Adulthood

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The Value of Aging Late adulthood is a time many people tend to suppress in their minds. Late adulthood is often considered a time of physical and mental decline, but in reality for many older adults it is a time of mental and spiritual growth. During late adulthood, people tend to start reflecting on their lives and what is really important. During younger ages, people tend to focus on things that may not matter in the future, and spend time worrying about things that are unimportant. Through interviewing older adults, younger people can learn several important life lessons and begin to appreciate the things that really matter in life. Positivity Effect During late adulthood, there is certain way of thinking in which older adults choose to focus on the positive things in their lives and suppress the negative ones, this is called the positivity effect (Berger, 2016, p. 543). The positivity effect is a way older adults can shield themselves from negative things that could harm their emotional state. In an interview conducted with Dolly Parton, when asked what the happiest time in her life was she replied seeing her grandchildren grow. She expressed that she chooses to focus her thoughts on the innocence of her grandchildren rather than the negative events going on in the world. She also described that when she reflects on her greatest achievement she thinks of her children and who they grew up to be. When Dolly was asked about the biggest change she experienced in
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