The Value Of Art Should Not Be Separate From Life

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PART 1 The ideology of small spaces merge with those the communities’ and the city’s as well. The Goal of Small Spaces is to “Make the Place more interesting” As Zach Medler, the curator of the project, puts it. Small Spaces A $20,000 project has recruited thousands of artists who have turned Lafayette’s dilapidated alleys and walls into works of art.1 If you walk down the alleys of Lafayette now, several different paintings and murals will catch your eye. They range from cartoons to outlandish animations to written graffiti and more. Zach Medler outlines the purpose behind Small Spaces "The idea of confining art to museums is archaic," Medler said. "The value of art should not be separate from life. Art should play an active role in…show more content…
Speaking of tourism, Lafayette is also trying to enhance its connections with Chicago and Indianapolis. Their goal is to ‘make some of these passersby consider getting on the exit ramp [of the I-65] to Lafayette’. If Small Spaces is taken up again, and if the current street art pieces get enough publicity, Lafayette could become known for art on its alleys and walkways.6 The purpose of walking around to admire street art will curb the possibility of an increase in traffic as people who do take the exit ramp will walk around to look at the art, not drive around. Lafayette’s , people don’t want to live in a big city nor do they want too much traffic in and around their community, So the Small Spaces project can help attract the people while still retaining Lafayette’s community charm. The community may be in two minds about street art. While it’s nice to have street art on usually grimy, uninteresting walls, some pieces if art have attracted controversy. An instance of a project that attracted controversy is the Riot Cop by Aaron Molden. The Illustration of a cop in riot gear attracted several complaints of it being “offensive” and “in bad taste”. Police officers were particularly outraged when they heard that the piece was sanctioned by the city.19 The Riot Cop, is now covered up.7 But as Small Spaces Lafayette

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