The Value Of College

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Someone once said “ college is hard but not as hard as a life without a degree..I just have to tell myself that.” This shows college shall be worth attending . Therefore the value of college is the education. Well that’s what some people think ,but is college really worth attending? Significantly college, gives us purpose in high school something to look forward to and make us aim for exceeding grades to show how determined we are and how much we can work for what we want. My opinion on this is ,genuinely it is worth attending and attaining the information of college education because the outcomes can conclude in one : you could be more sympathetic towards your community , secondly: you have more of a superior chance of a secure job,…show more content…
On contrary masters have a rate of 3.4% employed. But professional degrees have a 2.3% of employed people. Lastly doctorals have a less unemployed rate which consist of 2.2%.” So this statement means that the more you go to school the more opportunities you will get to have a stable and providing job because you are more eligible to do higher task when it comes to a job meaning. Money it makes the world go round.This was once said by an artist. With a college degree you have a higher chance of a growing income because of the amount of education and skills you have on that job compared to someone who just got out of high school with no idea of what happening and the proficiency of that task. With studies of the educational attainment it says with a 4 year or more degree you can have a weekly salary of $827.00. This is supportive because it provides reason to why attending college is critical to our society to show the more you attend college the more you can get paid because for example a teacher at our school has a doctoral degree he gets payed more then others because of the years he took to perfect his teaching skills.But others would disagree with me stating that some jobs don’t require a degree,yet they have a good successful living. To support their idea of that claim the article Actually, college is very much worth it , page 84

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