The Value Of Culture Of Education Essay

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The Value of Culture in Education All individuals are affected in one way or another by the culture, or the beliefs and traditions of our society. The various layers of culture assist in designing the future of an individual, but more importantly the educational culture affects the success of the student. Cathy Davidson, author of "Project Classroom Makeover", claims that the current culture of education is negatively affecting the students by narrowing the spectrum of success. Susan Faludi, author of "The Naked Citadel", makes a claim that the college forces culture onto cadets to become an unattainable picture of a man. Karen Ho, author of "Biographies of Hegemony", states that the tradition of hiring from elite universities is more about the presentable skills that can be used in all fields. Any institution has the power to change the future of all associated individuals through the absorption of the cultures of standardization, stereotypes, and elitism. Education is no longer about developing and learning skills for lifelong use, but is now used to measure intelligence based on a narrow spectrum of abilities. Over tens of decades, there was economic, social, and political change; however, during this time there was very little change in the way the educational system functioned. Education is a "one -size-fits-all model" that refuses to account for individuality and differences between students (Davidson 61). Individuals with "special skills that show up nowhere on
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