The Value Of Education Today 's Society Essay

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The Value of Education in Today’s Society Introduction Education in a broad sense is an important part of intellectual freedom. Probably one of the main benefits of education in general is helping the student to have greater role in living and participating in the world. Many people view education as a social event and thus helps to encourage students to share ideas experiences and this can help students become better leaders in their community by teaching community responsibility. Plus, education in general helps students to look for information. Education can give students the ability to learn about many different areas such as art, history, sports and math. This can help lay the foundation needed to succeed in life not only in the high school setting but also later in college, technical school or through a career that doesn’t require post-secondary education. Education comes in many different shapes and forms. There is the college/university scene or trade/technical schools. Both of these areas of education help the student to improve their job skills and better skills often lead to a better job and then to a better way of life. So what is the value of education in today’s society? Which is valued more, a college education or a trade education? What are the benefits of each and what are some of the down falls of each type of education? Depending on which part of society you ask it may lead to different answers to these questions. In today’s society, many
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