The Value Of Empathic Communication

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1. Do nursing educators, students, and patients acknowledge the value of empathic communication? How?
Yes, nursing educators, students and patients do acknowledge the value of empathic communication because
Empathy is the tool to understanding patient needs, concerns and emotions, and is base to nursing practice. Empathy gives ability to understand another person. Empathy is most important to establish any kind of relationship, like nurse patient relationship or therapeutic relationship.

2. In what ways do you think compassionate nursing care could be improved?
I think many techniques that nurses may use to improve compassionate nursing care like treating the patient as an individual not as a number. Also, encourage the patient to make
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6. What would help nurses to be more compassionate in the care they give?
Nurses can be more compassionate by expressing empathy toward patients and their problems by using therapeutic communication and by treating them with dignity & respect.
You will need to do some research on the following questions using the most common answers since you will not be actually wearing the appliance for bowel elimination, but wearing the appliance to experience having an ostomy. You will be placing your ostomy bag and wafer on and wearing it for 24 hours. Complete the following:
Time you put the wafer and bag on Date 12/02/2017 @ 0600.
7. How difficult was the process of putting the wafer and appliance on?
It was difficult need help because first time you cannot put it properly.
It was difficult to stick with abdomen skin.
8. When is the best time to change your ostomy pouch if needed?
Before eating lunch, dinner or breakfast.
9. How many times might you empty your pouch in one day? How would you empty it?
4- 5 times. For empty first you have to sit down and facing away from the toilet, Open your bag, and empty it between your legs to into the toilet and fold back the bottom part and clip the bag so that poop doesn't touch the end of the bag.

10. What can you eat with an ostomy?
You should avoid gas-producing foods like beans, beer, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carbonated beverages, cauliflower and onions. some foods are less
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