The Value Of Ethical Conduct And Managing Diversity Essay

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Global Issue: The Value of Ethical Conduct and Managing Diversity Review of Subject This essay explores what Organizational Behavior (OB) is and the value of ethical conduct, and discusses the methods of managing diversity taking into consideration socializing and organization culture. OB is a study of the people in organization, about how they work, and how they produce results. Organizational ethical conducts are those morally accepted by the employees, the customers, and the public. It could be included in the value statement of a corporation, and is observed at the work place. Conducting business ethically increases customer confidence and revenue profit. Diversity refers to differences in people, such as ethnic background, personality, value system and belief, education, training, and work experience. Managing diversity involves handling these differences at work and making organizational changes that enable all people to perform up to their maximum potential. It is relevant to different stages of an employee life cycle in the company, such as recruitment, job assignment, performance review, and promotion. The benefits of managing diversity well includes increased creativity, and reduced conflicts at work. There are many methods of managing diversity, including training, compliance adherence, and socialization. Similar to ethical conduct, managing diversity could be included in the corporate value statement, and is worked into the organization culture so that it
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