The Value Of Good Management

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1. Introduction Currently, in the process of economic development, social competition among companies is likely to get tougher. In the development of companies, good management play an important role in a company achieving success, which means making a correct decision in order to achieve a particular purpose, plan, organize, direct, operate and control process. The purpose of good management is efficiency and benefit. The key of management is people and the principle of management is to organization, organization 's centre is people. The essence of good management is the collection of various kinds of resources; make full use of the function of management, to get the best return on the best investment, in order to achieve business goals for the company success. For instance, Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, his company is one of the biggest internet company in China, because he successfully assemble the resource of small company in a competitive environment. In addition, he put the customers and staff into the first place. His good management makes the company success. Management has been defined in a very simple but comprehensive way as the art of getting things done through people. According to Peter F. Drucker, “management is the specific and distinguishing organ of any and all organizations”. (Domènec, 2011) Good management is organized, managed and establish organizational structure. It is clear about the relationship between job and position, so that the members of the
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