The Value Of My Mother In The Short Story Thank You MaAm

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I have lived 14 years, and I encountered many people who majorly impacted my life. Many of which taught me some of the most important values I have today. In the short story “Thank You Ma’am”, the protagonist, a young boy, attempts to snatch an old woman named Mrs. Jones’s, purse. Consequently, he falls over and the woman picks him up and screams at him in a disciplinary sense. The woman then takes the boy to her home to get him cleaned off and to feed him. She talks to him and understands why attempted to snatch her purse, and gives him money the money he wanted for new shoes. By the end of the story, the boy promises the woman to behave himself. Mrs. Jones impacted the boy's life greatly, as she surprised him with an act of kindness after he tried stealing her purse. My greatest influence in my life is my mother as she strongly impacted me through my 14 years of existence by helping me strengthen my faith and morality, helping me to build great characteristic traits, and she sets a great example for me to become a good mother in the future.
My mom is a very strong woman of faith and she values good morals and ethics, to grow to be a decent human being. One of her main priorities as a mother is to help my brother and me to strengthen our own faith and morality through her many subliminal lessons. She teaches me right from wrong through my mistakes and experiences to help me in future situations. She also taught me to never give up and mother's no matter what. This is
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